About DHT

To any company, an efficient and effective IT systems management process is paramount. The maintenance cost of IT environments is skyrocketing. IT managers are challenged to reduce overall cost while still respecting all the required SLA's.

A sound design and test strategy, as well as an up-to-date performance management and capacity planning process is necessary to control cost. Understanding the reliability, availability, and maintainability behavior of the IT environment builds credibility in-house as well as with customers, and allows for an uninterrupted IT processing cycle.

DHTechnologies (DHT) was founded on the premise that only a comprehensive IT management strategy allows companies to control IT costs while operating in a proactive way. DHT provides innovative IT planning and management solutions, focusing on the best possible cost-to-performance ratio. DHT's comprehensive IT management services enable significant cost savings while mitigating overall risk.

Expanding on the comprehensive IT service portfolio, the DHT division Data Nubes focuses on providing high-quality Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Mining, Deep Learning, Operations Research, and Business Intelligence solutions.