About Us

​DHTechnologies (DHT) was founded by Dr. Dominique A. Heger in 2005. We offer customized IT performance & capacity related studies. For any project, we aid customers in establishing the goals and objectives to assure the IT performance and capacity requirements are met. As our studies are modeling based, we safe customers time and money and are able to mathematically scale the workload to heights that are just not possible if the environment would have to be setup to execute actual empirical studies to proof the feasibility of the IT project.

With our vast background in business analytics, statistics, computer science, systems modeling (including supercomputers and Big Data environments), and machine learning, DHT is uniquely positioned to aid customers to provide solutions that are sound from a business, scientific and engineering angle, respectively.

In conjunction with our Big Data partner company Data Analytica , we are uniquely positioned to further offer services such as:

  • Big Data, Descriptive, Predictive, & Prescriptive Data Analytics (Deep Dive)
  • Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics, IMC (Deep Dive)
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP), Compliance, Risk Analysis, and Forecasting
  • Big Data, Analytics, Data Mining, and Data Science Research Projects

Embedded into our analytics umbrella, we do offer customized predictive analytics services to sports teams and athletes alike. For more information on sports analytics, please visit HotShot Sports Analytics.

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